Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warm rain and not a storm cloud in sight!

Last night was incredible. It rained. It was warm. There was no thunder. There was no lightning. There was just warm, steady and wonderful rain.
A week or so ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs and Melissa blogged about being able to walk around downtown in the rain with no storms, etc. I was so jealous because on our side of NC we hadn't seen that for a very long time!
Teagan has never been in the rain (without a cover or us rushing her into a building) because in true NC fashion there is tyipcally a storm full of lightning and thunder providing the rain. Last night was different. Josh & I took Teagan out and we danced and walked in the rain and we even let Teagan play in the puddles! After we played in the rain Josh ran up and got a towel so we could dry Teagan off. Then we just sat there on the front porch step and watched and smelled the rain. I hope for many more of those moments where we can just be in that moment as a family. No distractions. No cameras. No cell phones. Just Daddy and Mommy adoring their little girl.