Saturday, August 14, 2010

My dearest Teagan

Dearest Teagan,
Today has been a wonderful day and it's not even noon! You woke up this morning cooing and talking and in such a good mood. Your daddy had to leave to help Grandma with farm chores and so you and I cuddled in bed for 45 minutes before we decided to actually get up. After you'd had your breakfast (pears, yummy!) and we got dressed we headed to the Farmer's Market. On the way the thrift store we've tried to go into on several occasions was finally open and so we went in! We got you a lot of goodies for the shelves that will eventually be in your room! Mommy has recently had a really good idea about something for your room but I have to talk it over with your daddy first. Let's just say it has to do with a tree, a few owls and a bear. Anyway, we went to the farmers market but sadly there were no flowers this morning and we didn't really need anything else so we headed back home. Not before Mommy got an iced coffee as a treat to beat the heat that crept up while we were out! When we got back you nursed, Mommy changed clothes and we hit the couch. So far this next part has been the favorite part of the day so far.
When I laid you on my chest you just gazed at me for the longest time. It's almost like you could see exactly what I was thinking; straight to my soul. I was thinking how I've never loved somebody so much in my life like I love you. A mother's love surpasses any bad that could ever be in the world and in that moment there was no bad. Anywhere. Your head moved from side to side as I rubbed your face but you never broke the gaze. All of a sudden your hand started to explore my face; as if trying to memorize it. You moved from my forehead to my eyes to my nose to my mouth and then your hand eventually landed on my cheek. Your hand rested there for about two minutes until your eyes started to roll and close and you gave me that "I have no idea I'm doing this because I'm so sleepy" smile and drifted off to sleep. Your hand never moved from my cheek until you fell into a deep and restful sleep.
As I type this I stare at you and not the screen. You are my inspiration baby girl. You make me want to make the world a better place. You make me want to make the word a safer place. Because someday you'll have a baby on your chest thinking the exact same thing. I want to ensure that it's possible for you. So, my dearest Teagan. I vow to do the very best I can to teach you to be kind and good so that you can make a positive mark on the world one day.

I love you.
Forever and Always,