Friday, August 27, 2010

7 month post!!

Weight: 14.3 as of August 2nd ( I think she weighs at least 14.8 now because I can feel the difference in weight)

Height: still holding strong at 25 inches

Diapers size: 2 for now but we are making the transition into cloth diapers at home and so I’m not sure of the number of “snaps” she is on her BumGenius diapers! Haha!

*has started scooting and rolling to where she wants to go

*she does the "on all fours rock back and forth" like a champ

*will stand up all day if you’ll hold her that long!

*there isn’t a food she has tried that she doesn’t love. We are going to start experimenting with spices and odd food combos soon…also, she can start having meat which I feel really weird about pureeing…

*STILL in 3 month clothes.

*talks up a storm all the time. Usually she talks my ears off to and from school and I would much rather hear her tell me her Teagan Tales then listen to the radio any day! We have still yet to hear her utter the word “MaMa” yet…

*has started squealing with delight and I LOVE it when she does!

*has started sleeping on her stomach some which I cringe at but she is fully capable of rolling back over so I’m not as anxious about the SIDS thing at this point.

*she loves to “read” already and devours her board books and any other reading material she can get her hands on!

*we are officially on the market for a high chair. The Bumbo is no longer cutting it.

*as of August 2nd she’s teething…it’s a month later and THERE ARE NO TEETH…so we’re anxiously waiting on those.

Teagan is developing such a personality. Josh and I love watching her grow and learn new things. She constantly amazes us on a daily basis with new things she has learned. I love getting on her level and seeing things as she does. It's amazing how much we take for granted. The look of amazement when we introduce new things to her is priceless. It's so funny that something as simple as the carpet on our living room floor can be so interesting to her. I only wish that watching her learn will keep encouraging Josh and I to learn and experience as much as we can and that when we do we do it through eyes of a child and not a cynical adult.