Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One of those weekends.

Have you ever had one of those holidays where you packed the camera and you were ready to take a thousand pictures but you didn't even get the camera out of the bag? We had one of those holidays this weekend.  Saturday, I have pictures for. A LOT of pictures.  Those will take up an entire post sometime tomorrow. Sunday-Monday there are no pictures but it was an O-M-G good time!  
Sunday we went over to the Heavners for Teagan's first campout! We figured it would be better to try it close to home, or somewhere like home, before we venture out real camping.  We got to the Heavner's around 5ish and let the kiddos play for a little while before we started dinner.  They were hilarious!  Teagan and Miles held many conversations over the course of the evening where we could only imagine the content.  They experimented with Miles' 4-wheeler on and off throught the evening.  Teagan would ride it. Miles would ride it. Then they would both ride it while alternating drivers and holding on for dear life.  After a little while they were both hot and sweaty and wanted to get into the pool.  They had a blast!  After this weekend I'm pretty sure Teagan is water-logged and sun soaked but today was water day at school and of course she loved it!
While Seth, Jeana & Miles' Aunt Joey, who Teagan calls Jo-Jo, finished up dinner Josh and I entertained the kiddos.  They eventually had enough of the pool and wanted to wander around the yard.  Miles wanted to show Teagan the chickens so we went to see them.  Both of the kids were going "Bak bak bak" to the chickens at the same time.  I'm pretty sure the chickens knew exactly what they were saying.  After the chickens got boring we headed back up to the house and they got in the hammock.  This is the only moment I really regret not having the camera and as soon as I told Josh to go get it the kids were over being in the hammock.  It was the sweetest thing ever! They were both in the hammock and just kind of cuddled up to each other; both of them almost asleep. 
After a yummy dinner of grilled pesto-marinated chicken and veggies we sat down to a beautiful and tasty blueberry cobbler, that Jeana made, with vanilla ice cream on the side! Since Jeana made it I let Teagan have a treat and indulge in some of the yumminess.  She devoured it!
After us parents were able to peel our stuffed selves off the patio furniture it was time for teeth brushing and PJ putting on.  I don't think Teagan really knew what to do because it was around 9 o'clock before any of that started.  Her bedtime 97% of the time is 7:30.  She did amazing! After about 10 minutes of whining she went to sleep like a champ and slept like a champ.  She only woke up once and got a little weirded out waking up in a tent but she fell back to sleep like a trooper. 
Let me go on a slight pregnant Mama rant here: when you are 25 weeks pregnant and your hips already hurt when you lay on them too long remember to bring an extra pillow so you can at least get a little sleep. Every body but Addie Bear (Seth and Jeana's "dog") and I got sleep. End of rant.

The next day we went to breakfast and then went swimming at Miles' Papaw & Grambi's house.  Teagan isn't quite the fish Miles is but she is slowly getting there and had a blast!

We are so thankful for good times with great friends and hope to do the same thing next year with Baby Bear in tow!

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