Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ideas for my BlogHer wardrobe.

Normally I wouldn't be too nervous about dressing for my first official blogging conference.  I would probably be in a pair of skinny jeans, a tank/tee, a cute cardigan and beyond cute shoes.  Add a cute headband and I'd be set.
Problem: I will be 30 weeks pregnant when I am at the conference.  I want to be comfortable as I can be and I want to be cute.  I know it's not about the clothes but really? There are some amazingly fashionable bloggers that I cannot wait to meet and I want to look cute. Can we say 1st day of school nerves?
I have a set of sisters, Manda & Jayme, I have befriended through blogging and twitter who have an Etsy shop where they sell vintage clothing. For Ladies, Mama's to be & Kiddos.  I have found a few cute things that I will probably be purchasing from their store to take from the conference.  Check out their blogs here & here.  
Take a look at this adorable dress!  All it needs is a belt and some cute shoes! How comfortable would this be?!!?

I've also found a few cute "inspiration" pieces that I plan on searching our local Goodwill & thrift stores for.  Although, I probably won't go too far out of my comfort zone and will probably end up at least one day in my skinny maternity jeans, cute flats, a tank/tee and a cardigan.  Look how cute some of this stuff is!

I found this dress at TopShop and think it would be cute for one of the parties!

I also found these cute colored tanks from TopShop:

And these two adorable cardigans from Target:

I will hold true to my statements in previous posts.  I'm not going to be buying a lot of maternity clothes because we plan on this being our last baby so it would basically be a waste of money.  I will, however be buying a couple of things because my belly is starting to grow out of things! I think that is a legitimate excuse! I'm so excited about BlogHer '11!!!

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