Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I don't wear earrings more often.

When I was younger we moved around a lot. I will proudly tell anybody it's because I am an Air Force brat.  Both of my parents served and I say that with enormous pride.  That has nothing to do with the story but anyway.
We lived in SC for about a year and that is the only time I ever really had to ride the bus.  There was a girl on my bus who, in the 2nd grade, would wear dangling earrings all the time.  One day she came on the bus with tape on her ear and no earrings.  She and her sister had been fighting and her sister ripped her earring out! It went all the way through her ear lobe!  Ever since then I've been scared to wear earrings.  Not that I'm going to get into a knock-down drag out with anybody who is going to rip my earrings out but I can't get over it! I thought I could start with small ones and then work my way into the adorable ones that I see and would love to wear but I have a toddler who is just as grabby now as she was when she was a baby and now we have another on the way! Maybe I will venture out when they turn about 5...

Until then here are some cute ones that I've seen and would love to wear:

By ILoveJeans on Etsy.

By Diagrings on Etsy.

By vanistudio on Etsy

By Sarathomas on Etsy

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