Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holy freak out mode, Batman!

Okay, I have been convinced up until last night that we were having another girl.  I'd convinced myself I was carrying the same way, that nothing was different and I wouldn't let myself believe otherwise.  There was no way in the world there was a boy growing in my belly. 
I had a "gender" dream that rocked my world last night.  I am now officially convinced we are having a boy. NO, we do not know for sure and we won't until Baby Bear graces us with their presence but I figure I should start researching different things about baby boys.  There is a world of difference between a baby girl and a baby boy and I don't want to go into it uneducated. There is circumcision, pee pee tee pees, involuntary baby boy erections, oh my!
Do you have any hint for us just in case my dream happens to come into fruition and we do have a boy growing in my belly? I am more then willing to hear them!

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