Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ear infections

Here we go again.  My brave trooper has another ear infection.  Did we know it? No.  Did she have a fever? No. Was she complaining? No.
I took her in because she had developed a slight cough that was going on about 2 weeks and because she had a ¨crazy not herself day¨ yesterday.  I slightly (and I stress slightly) thought there could be an ear infection possibility because she had dug in her ears about 2 times in the last few days.  She´s NEVER done that before even when she had the last ear infection that lasted 3 months.  I thought it might be water in her ears from her baths but it looks like I should start listening to my motherś intuition more often. 
The doctor said we caught it at about a 4 on a 1-10 scale so I feel pretty good about that. 
I just hope we aren´t on the road to tubes.  The thing I really can´t get over is the ear infections never seem to bother her.  Please keep Teagan in your thoughts and prayers that this antibiotic works & we don´t have another 3 month ear infection that leads to tubes.