Saturday, April 16, 2011

When you run out of pants...

You improvise!

Teagan has 3 pair of pants that fit her right now that are not high waters on her and I refuse to buy her pants in the middle of April when shorts season is right around the corner.  The ones that fit are in the dirty laundry this morning. It's not supposed to go above 65ish today. So, we pulled out shorts, Baby Legs & she was good to go! Of course she had to sport her sunglasses (from A Children's Place).  That way if the weather tricks us and it does get warm then we can strip the Baby Legs and have shorts.  Also, how CUTE is that coat? We got it from our sweet mama friends over at Miskabelly/Miskabelle! Go check out their Etsy site! You will not be sorry!

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