Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sleep is for the birds...not little bears.

The sleep fairy has not been visiting the Reid house for months now. We had no idea what was going on. We still don't. We have about 2 nights a week where we all get a good nights sleep and then there are the other 5 that we are up and down and up and down. When we went for Teagan's 6 month checkup we were told that she had started teething..well, it's over a month later and there are no signs of teeth anywhere. I've stopped assuming teething is the primary culprit. The new assumption is that she has her daddy's energy and she just gets tired of sleeping and wants to wake up and cuddle. This would be a little easier if Daddy AND Mommy didn't have a job. Sadly, we both work from 8-5 monday through friday and also require a certain amount of sleep. Hopefully this is just a three month long phase and it will be over once month 8 comes's hoping.