Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Fall.

Dear Fall,
We have been waiting for you for a little over 8 months now. Josh and I have been excited to sleep with the windows raised. It will also be more pleasant to walk to down town with Teagan with the weather being the perfect temperatures that you seem to bring. The biggest thing we have been waiting to do with you is to introduce you to our Little Bear. Our Teagan. She has been anxiously awaiting the chance to play in the golden crisp leaves that have already begun to fall in the yards. And as much as we will play with and watch her she is sure to manage a sneak taste of those golden crisps. Like sand on the beach maybe we'll let her taste just one. She also can't wait to go camping with her boyfriend Miles David! Supervised and in separate tents of course! She is also excited about strolling along the fairgrounds and smelling all things fair like. Another special thing we, as a family, are excited for is Teagan's dedication at church. This is when Josh & I along with family and friends and our church family basically give Teagan's life to the Lord. We promise to raise her and teach her and love her and be examples of good Christian people to her the rest of her life. We promise to give her the right tools to grow and become an amazing Christian woman. Her Grandma even made her a special dress for the occasion! I am also especially excited for a day of fun family photos with a mister Jonathan O'Brien! Oh the ideas I have for that day...
So, Fall, welcome back. It's so good to see you again. This time take off your boots and stay a while, will ya?

The Reid Family