Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Resolutions

I've never been a big resolution maker. I've always been the one that makes the general resolutions. Lose weight. Eat healthier. Read a certain book. Blah blah. I've decided to make a few fall resolutions that I will attempt to get done before the new year and then we'll see how that effects my New Year's resolutions.

1) Send "snail mail" birthday cards and keep up with it.

*I used to be that person that sent cards just because or when it was somebody's birthday or anniversary or whatever. Since I've been married and especially since having a baby I've let that fall by the wayside and I really miss being the card person I used to be*

2) Take more pictures of Teagan and I.

*Josh always complains that I'm either the one behind the camera or I just make sure I'm not in the picture. I tell him it's because I'm not happy with my post baby body and I would just rather not have to face it. Truth is, I'm going to regret the fact that I'm not in pictures with Teagan and so I'm to suck it up and say Cheese!

3) Dress up more often or stop wearing blue jeans and a tee so often.

*I work in a job where if I "dress up" it almost looks to my clients like I'm "uppity" and then I'm not as affective in my teaching as I could be. I also know that if I dress like a college student every day then I might not be as respected as I could me. It's been difficult for me to find that fine medium. Also, I've just gotten lazy when I'm at home and out and about. This has to change. I'm tired of this fashion slump.

4) Take some "Mommy time".

*Even if this means taking my 15 minute shower and not listening for the monitor and trusting Josh to get it. Or going to a girls outting without Teagan (which is SO weird for me). Or getting in a run a night or two a week. I've got to have some me time.

5) Start back cooking more.

*I'd gotten back into the habit of cooking more at home. Fresh food. Fresh ingredients. Yummy dinners. We've slowly gotten back into the lets just pick something up or call something in or go out with so & so. This is okay occasionally but it's gotten to be habit forming. It's showing on our budget and my waistline (yes, mine and not Josh's because he has the metabolism of a 6 year old marathon runner).

6) finish some projects.

*I have a few project ideas that are really good but I've never given myself time to do them. I plan on starting on Teagan's room, starting the old t-shirt project, the pillow covers for the living room and the chalkboard paint project soon. I plan on finishing them by Thanksgiving.

I'm not going to overload myself with tasks. There are plenty more things I would love to get done but I don't want to stress about them. I want them to be fun for me. So, I will leisurely complete them and I'll let you know when I do. 1st on the list: grocery shop!!

What are some of your fall resolutions?

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