Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This evening was one of those moments.  The moments I wish I would have had time to grab my phone, the camera, or the video camera but I didn't.  It was in arms reach but the girls and I were having too much fun.  We were cooking dinner and having a dance party.  
We made stromboli (a recipe I've adapted from my amazing friend, Kristin!).  Kyra Mae was strapped to my back and Teagan was on the stool next to me.  We rolled out the dough, we sprinkled cheese and pepperoni (and we ate some cheese and pepperoni)... did I mention we sprinkled BACON on as well? Hello!  Then I popped it in the oven (which is the main reason Kyra was on my back).
While we waited on the stromboli to finish we jammed out! Teagan grabbed her baby and put her on her hip "like Mommy does", I took Kyra off my back and hoisted her to my hip and we all just danced like fools in the kitchen! It was amazing. It was a much needed moment with my girls and I.  It was one I will forever have embedded in my memory but unfortunately  never have pictures of.
I'm actually okay with not having pictures of it.  I've been trying really hard, especially since I've been in school, to just live in the moment.  I try to record those memories as often as possible but often I find myself in such a rush to find my camera or my phone that I almost miss the moment.  I take plenty of pictures, but those pictures will be worthless if I wasn't able to enjoy the moments they capture.