Monday, August 6, 2012

30 months and 9 months

Teagan- 30 months (basically a fancy way of saying a little over 2 1/2).  Little girl, you are talking and talking and talking and then talking some more.  You will carry on conversations with anybody who will talk to you, which can be good and bad.  We are starting to explain that you don't talk to people you don't know unless mommy or daddy (or the other responsible adults in your life) are with you.  We are not saying anything that will scare you, just make you be aware.  Your imagination is sometimes that of a 4 year old and it continues to amaze your daddy and I.  Like last night, you called me into your room and it was because there was a "red and orange bug" in your bed.  I had to scoop it out and then you were good. And this morning, you were telling me about your dream and you and "her" went to "tick-tock" land and you would take me there sometime.  Amazing kiddo, just amazing.
You are in big girl panties and have been for a month now.  You are doing great.  We haven't had an accident during the day in a few weeks and only occasionally at night.  I rarely have to change the pad we have on your bed.  Your daddy and I are so proud of you!  You are also proud of yourself and love to come out of the bathroom telling whoever will listen that you went pee pee in the potty!
Your favorite food right now is beans. Baked. Beans.  You would eat them all day if we would let you.  You are hit and miss with a lot of foods.  We still don't have much consistency with what you will eat.  Somedays you will eat anything we put in front of you and other days it's a struggle to get you to eat anything we put in front of you...except beans.    
Kyra Mae- 9 months. Oh sweet baby! You have TAKEN OFF! You are crawling and climbing and cruising and mere weeks away from walking.  You cannot wait to run instead of crawl after your sister and that is so obvious by the look of pure determination in your eyes.  Mommy took you to your 9 month check up and MY how you have grown!  You are 18 lbs and 28 inches long already sweet baby, that is only 5 inches shorter than your sister is RIGHT NOW.  You are truly a Reid in every sense of the way!  That means you get more new clothes than we thought you would...haha, you are definitely not fitting in the clothes your sister passed down to you.  Fall wardrobe here we come! (Hear that, Mamaw?!?)
You are not a fan of food.  You love cereal and that is about it.  We are truly hit and miss with food.  We started yogurt the other day and after the second introduction you ate it really well. We have started some finger foods but you're more playing than eating but you're trying.  We're just taking it slow and letting you develop your appetite at your own rate.  It will come and we're not going to force it.
You are talking up a storm right now saying Mama and Dada constantly.  The other night you fell and bumped your head and looked up at me crying "mama mama mama".  Of course I scooped you up and loved on you as my heart melted to a puddle we could have swam in.
You have your bottom two teeth and we think you're working on your top two but I've never been good at determining when teeth are coming in until I see them so who knows!

You both are so very special to us and you are both such a blessing.  Your relationship seems to grow more every day.  Teagan you are so patient with Kyra when she wants to do what you do and play with the exact toy you have.  Kyra Mae you are so patient with Teagan when she wants to give you an abundance of love and get in your face trying to kiss you.  There are times when it is hard because both of you want either me or your daddy at the same time and won't settle for the other parent but that's why the Lord provided us with two arms and not just one...even though sometimes I feel like we need three! I cannot wait to see how you continue to grow and learn and explore with each other.  We love you both very much our sweet girls!