Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mommy-Teagan Day

This week I had off from school (it is GOOD to be back on a college schedule, haha!). I wanted to take this time to catch up and be with people I don't normally get to spend time with since going back to school. A really important thing for me to do this week was to spend time with the girls. So, I took one whole day with Teagan and one whole day with Kyra.

My day with Teagan was a little more eventful and "go-go-go" than my day with Kyra. Our day started off dropping "sister" off at school and then heading to Target/Starbucks to have breakfast and a mommy-daughter quiet time. Teagan picked out her favorite Bible story and we read it in her Bible and then in mine. She had a big girl cup of milk and some banana bread while I sipped on chai tea and just listened to her talk to me about what she was seeing and what she wanted to do the rest of the day.  We walked around Target and tried to find Kyra Mae a certain kind of sippy cup and she picked out a Cinderella doll for finishing her potty training! We officially have a fully potty trained kiddo! She has done wonderful! After we left Target we headed to the doctor (oddly enough this is fun for Teagan still).  She's been having issues with her belly hurting but we were never really sure why.  The doctor said he didn't think it was anything we should worry about it but we'll keep an eye on it.   Then, we met Aunt Jeana and Miles David for lunch and then some fun at the splash pad!