Monday, October 11, 2010

Learning website

My close friend Kristin (amazing Mommy to Bryson & Sydney) sent me this link. It's a website with different learning activities for your children. It's called Productive Parenting. You can sign up to receive activities everyday via e-mail. You can put in your child's age and search activities that way or you can search by specific skills.

Here was Teagan's for today:

Target Age: Late Infant

Materials You Will Need:

5 objects that are all same size and color: mixing bowls, etc.What To Do:
Stacking is a wonderful activity that will help your child begin to understand math concepts. Enjoy showing your child how to stack mixing bowls and other containers in order of size. Try to keep these objects in a low drawer in your kitchen for your child to stack!

Use only 3 or 4 at first. Add more as your child continues to show interest. Count as you stack.