Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things that made me happy on a slumpy hump day.

Today was one of those Wednesdays. I decided to focus on the good instead of lousy that happened today! Here are a few things that made me happy today.

1) Little Bear is CRAWLING now!! I cannot believe we have a crawler now!

2) Barley & Birch (more on this later!)

3)My Bojangles biscuit this morning...clearly made by "Betty"

4) Little Bear's eye looks like it's going to take care of itself!

5) Japanese Cloth Lucky Owl

6) Chilean miners have all been rescued!!

7) Hoot owl beanie

8) Owl blocks

9) Cowboy Boots

10) Pastel dress

11) Baby baby doll dress

12) Cherry Blossom plate

13) Nesting Birds

14) Relaxing on the couch with my hubby watching Hells Kitchen.

15) Possibly going to Teagan's first Checkers game Friday!!

16) Heading towards Asheville and pumpkin patches on Saturday with the Heavners!!