Thursday, October 28, 2010

First fever.

Yesterday started out pretty normal and then by the start of the evening Josh and I started getting a little worried.  Luckily we've both learned not to freak (too much) and we remained calm.  Teagan has only been sick one time in her 9 months as an outside baby and that was with an ear infection we didn't even know she had.  Last night she ran a fever of 101.7.  I got worried.  She was burning up from her middle back up.  She felt like a little ball of fire.  She was acting a little fussy but not too bad.  She had gotten a flu shot that morning and we figured that was what it was (that was our choice that we made with Teagan's doctor.  If it's not for you then that is fine.  Remember. Your child. Your decision.).  So, I gave her some Motrin and we just loved on her the whole night.  We put her down around 7:15 (45 minutes earlier then her usual bedtime).  It was almost like she was having feverish dreams for the first 2 hours or so.  She would wake up and either yell or talk but by the time I got upstairs she was already back asleep (and I move like the wind when I hear her at night, lol).  It was really strange.  She slept well and the fever broke and came back twice.
This morning after nursing twice (3:30 when she woke up and then at 5:30...I figured she didn't feel well and hopefully nursing would help at least a little) she came to bed with Josh and I for another few hours.  We finally got up a little after 8.  Teagan decided she wanted bananacado for breakfast but the avacado had gone bad so I cooked her some apples so she could have apple-banana for breakfast.  She sweetly gummed on a frozen waffle while I made her breakfast and mine.  After breakfast I checked her temp again and it was 99.7...much less scary to me then 101.7. So far this morning she has been acting okay.  Right now she is takin a nap on my chest.  I love that she still sleeps so well on my chest.
I had complained earlier in the week that I would have loved a day off...I didn't mean I wanted Teagan to be sick to get it.  Luckily she's a sweet and not too grumpy sick.

I'd also like to thank the mommy's and ladies that work with kids that sent fever advice our way last night.  It's so nice to know such helpful people!