Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm not gone, I promise.

You know that whirlwind that scooped us up a at the start of the year? Well, it finally let us loose, kinda.  We are finally on track with a plan and I am finally able to share part of it with you.  Let me just run down a few important things from the last few months....

I am now unemployed, not by the choice of me OR my boss.  We never knew year to year if I was going to have a job in July (HELLO, grant funding) and this year, I happen to not have a job come July 1st.  We got news that it didn't look good pretty early so I was able to look at more of those options was going back to school to get my Master's....well, folks...
Happy news! I got in to grad school! I am currently an MSW (Master's of Social Work) student at UNCC and I just ACED my first grad school course.  There is a lot that goes along with this and I plan to unpack it all for you later. We've been kind of hush hush about it because had I not lost my job I would not be going to grad school because I would still be working.  I will be done next year because I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the accelerated program.  The first semester is pretty intense because they have to pack so much into it but come fall it should slow down at least a little bit.  I am still a little intimidated because I've been out of school for 5 years but the LORD has blessed me with an incredible support system and some great new friends in my class.
The LORD has had his hand in this entire process from beginning until now.  It started when I actually got everything completed for my grad school application done in two weeks, that included taking the GRE. Talk about whirlwind! 

That being said, I am going to do my best to continue to blog because I love it and it's an outlet for me.  However, with my particular field of study my life is consumed by constant papers, so when I am at the computer I am usually researching sources and fixing my APA mistakes.  When I do get to blog they might not be as thoughtful and heartfelt as before but I do promise to keep up with the sweet pictures of the girls!  They are growing so fast! You realize Kyra Mae is now 8 MONTHS?!?! Whoa, just whoa.

So, thank you for your continued support and prayers.  Please continue them both because they are truly something I feel blessed by.  I only pray I can reciprocate that same feeling for you.