Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dearest Kyra Mae

Dearest Baby Bear,
Oh my mercy how you're taking off!! In the last seven days you have cut two teeth, started zooming around going forward and you're pulling up in your crib dancing around until somebody gets you!
Your daddy and I were talking about how adventurous you are and how you are going to get into everything! haha! You are such a "chill" baby but when you have your eyes set on something you go for it with all you have.  Like the other morning, I was helping Teagan put one of her shoes on while you were on our bed.  Something told me to turn around and as I did you smiled a gummy smile and decided you were going to come join us on the floor whether it was by my hands or your free-fall was up for debate for a few seconds.  Thankfully my reflexes have gotten quicker with age and children instead of the opposite.  You joined us by my hands and not by a free-fall.  Oh my, sweet baby, oh my.
The nights when I put you to bed are something I cherish.  You've never been one to cuddle unless something is wrong.  You want to just be put down when you're tired and so I don't get a lot of time to just pull you close and snuggle you.  While you are sleepy and taking your bottle at night is an opportunity I take full advantage of.  I kiss your sleepy head and rub your sweet cheeks.  I talk to you and sing to you and pray for you, which is perhaps the most important of the three.  I pray for you my sweet baby.  I pray you know how much I love you, I pray to love you even more, I pray for our bond to grow stronger every day.  I pray I am giving you enough attention and even when I don't get it all right that you would know how hard I am trying and how much I love you.  I pray your heart will grow closer to the Lord with each passing day.  I pray for your future and that you will have the strength and courage to take leaps of faith with no questions asked.
Sweet Baby, you have added so much to our lives.  Teagan loves you right now possibly more than you will ever know.  She cares for you and always wants you to smile.  She tries her hardest to be a good big sister and I think she's doing a pretty good job.  She's learning.  Thank you for being patient with her.  I really believe you feel she is doing the things she does out of love for you.  I pray you and her continue to have a good relationship.  I pray you can and will be friends.  Forever friends.
I love you my sweet Baby Bear. So much.

Forever & Always,