Monday, February 1, 2010

Such an amazing thing!

A woman's body and mind are definitely blessed by the LORD to be able to handle a newborn! It's so surreal to me that I can be so awake during the day AND the night even when I know I'm running on empty. My body just adapts to Teagan's needs because it has to and wants to.
She's got her days and nights a little mixed up still but as much as I try to sleep when she sleeps I've never been a sleep during the day person (except when I was pregnant). So, when she's sleeping I'm still up for the most part. Mostly, I watch her and catch up on old movies I haven't seen in a while. I worked on her baby book last night and shed a few happy tears reliving the whole experience.
I'm really trying to grasp the fact that she is ALREADY a week and 2 days old. How can that be possible? Time is already flying by way too quickly and as much as I am enjoying every second I need time to slow down...Josh went back to work today and reality hit that wow, time is going to continue to go by this quickly so I need to cherish every minute. Like right now, I can't stop looking up at her sleeping in her Boppy! I can't stop looking at her period! She is just the epitome of perfection to me and I can't imagine life without her already! She's so animated when she sleeps! She has this adorable "cheerleader" move that she does quite often! I have to make sure she's far enough away from the slats on the crib that she doesn't hurt her hand during the night! It's so cute!
We go back to the doctor on Wednesday to check her weight again. I've been checking it on my scale and she's almost back to her birth weight! She is definitely toning up my arms! Haha! As far as the scale goes on my end I'm pretty happy...I ended up gaining around 50 lbs but luckily a TON of it was fluid and all that other good stuff and I've only got around 17 pounds to really lose! (Thanks to the fact that they suck a lot of the extra stuff out during a c-section and you don't have to weight for it to go away on it's own!! Thanks to Dr. James for making my life a little easier!)

Well, Sprout is waking up and will most definitely be hungry after a 3 hour nap! More when I can!