Monday, February 8, 2010

Just a few promises to my daughter...

I wrote this in my letters to Teagan journal months ago but I'd like a back up copy (and eventually I'll print this blog out) and so I'm putting my first "Dear Teagan" letter here on my blog.

Dear my Baby Love,

There are so many things that I want to say and write to you but they seem to be circling around my head and I can't quite take a hold of them but I will make you some promises that I will do my very best to keep.

1) I promise to love you unconditionally no matter what.
2) I promise to let you get dirty and play in water puddles and not get angry (as long as we aren't in a hurry and out the door somewhere). I also promise to play in the puddles with you!
3) I promise to dance with you in the kitchen or anywhere else we decide to groove!
4) I promise to bake cookies with you and let you eat the cookie dough!
5) I promise to make sure we have a swing set! I also promise to swing with you!
6) I promise to color with you! Mommy loves to color!
7) I promise to play with you inside when it's cold and rainy instead of just turning on the tv and going about my business.
8) I promise to snuggle with you whenever you want!
9) I promise to read you bedtime stories.
10) I promise to listen first, hug second and talk last.
11) I promise to be open with you and be open to what you have to say.
12) I promise to not be judgemental of you.
13) I promise to protect you no matter what. So yes, if we don't trust your boyfriend, I promise I will not let you go out with him.
14) I promise to try and cook good meals. They might not be the best meals but they will be healthy.
15) I promise to teach you how to shave your legs, fix your hair and paint your toes and fingernails...we'll leave the make up to the professionals!
16) I promise to let you do whatever you want to your hair. It's only hair and it will grow back.
17) I promise to take too many pictures of you for the rest of your life. Get over it! ;-)
18) I promise to sing you to sleep until you get to the age my singing hurts your ears.
19) I promise you will have rules, consequences and chores but I promise there will also be praise, love and "prizes".
20) I promise to stay in shape so I can keep up with you!
21) I promise to help you with your homework the best I can. Daddy will have to help you with the math though!
22) I promise to encourage you to be what you want as long as it's safe and healthy for you.
23) I promise to let you have birthday parties and sleepovers.
24) I promise (much to your dismay) that you won't go on your first date until you are 16.
25) I promise I will slather you with sunscreen so you won't have to worry about skin cancer later in life.
26) I promise that when I get pregnant with your brother or sister that I will still set aside special you and mommy time. Both while I'm pregnant and when we welcome the new baby home. I will promise to try my best to never let you feel like you've been replaced. You are my first little baby girl and you will always have that place in my heart. I love you.
27) I promise to teach you all about Jesus and how he came to save us. I promise that you will grow up in church and I will do my best to set the best example I can for you.

There are many more promises I will do my best to keep these promises and so many more the rest of your life. I love you more then you'll ever know and more then I can ever express. I will make many mistakes and so will you but know that my love is unconditional forever.