Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pacifiers are AMAZING....

Let me just brag on my baby girl for a few minutes!

First off, our baby girl turned 3 weeks old yesterday! Time is flying by so quickly and she's changing so much on a daily basis. As much as I want the time to slow down I can't wait to see how she continues to change and to grow. I looked at her newborn pictures today and just shook my head in amazement at how much she's changed over the last 3 weeks...It's incredible.

We decided that since feeding is going really well and she's gained her weight back (and then some) that we would introduce a pacifier to help her "self soothe" at night. Also, the doctor said since she was gaining weight so well that we could let Teagan sleep as long as she wanted during the night and we didn't need to wake her up for feedings. Well, the past few days she's been pretty fussy and wouldn't let me put her down in her crib to sleep until around 2am and then we'd get back up three hours later and she'd be hungry. So, after Josh gave her the first bottle yesterday afternoon and then she finished up with me we figured she'd be okay and not get confused with a pacifier so we headed to Wal Mart (her first Wal Mart trip) and got two pacifiers. Last night was AMAZING. She slept for 5 hours last night! She slept on my chest for until around 1 o'clock ( we were asleep on the couch) and then she ate and then we put her in the crib. She woke up around 2ish (she still has the newborn jerks and wakes herself up) and I changed her diaper and put the pacifier in her mouth and after only two times of having to put it back in her mouth she konked out and slept until around 7:30! This might have just been a fluke but Josh and I are both greatful for that fluke!

We had a great Valentine's day today! We were able to just hang out as a family and enjoy each other. Josh and I couldn't e happier to have Teagan in our lives and we love having a new little Valentine! =-) We were also able to go out for Teagan's first stroller ride around the neighborhood! It went pretty well! It was a beautiful day and we definitely took advantage of it!

We hope everybody had a great Valentine's Day!