Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1 whole month!!!

Happy 1 month birthday to our sweet baby girl!!

*Weighs 10lbs 4oz
* inches long
*Diaper size 1
*loves the light and the fan! She zones out staring at them!
*Has started making different sounds. She "ooooo's" more and more now!
*Has had her non-gas smiles and is starting to smile more and more.
*Makes a 'piggy noise" when she's hungry
*Gets the hiccups a lot and sounds like a cute little toad when they're really bad...lol
*Has started grunting (hilarious!!)
*Loves taking a bath and looking at herself in the mirror while we're giving her a bath. She just hates being taken out of the bathtub but loves snuggling in her towel after she calms down.
*We've started giving her a bath at 9 o'clock every night so we can start a bedtime routine.
*Eats around every 3 hours and has started going 4-5 hours a night.
*Sleeps so much better now that she's being swaddled during the night.
*Is great in the mornings! She "zones" and is happy to sit in her Boppy on our bed or in her pink bouncy/vibrating seat while I get ready in the mornings.
*Can calm herself down with her "binky"
*Josh has given her the first bottle and she did really well.
*Likes stroller rides as far as we can tell because she falls asleep every time she's put in it!
*LOVES car rides! She's out in less then 2 minutes!
*has ROLLED OVER twice while doing tummy time...this happened when she got upset and started squirming and pushed herself from her tummy to her back at least 4 times!
*Gets cranky around 6ish-8ish but has started crying less and is able to self-comfort with her "binky" but sometimes there is no soothing during this time.
Has had her first trip to Chuckwagon and the mall!
*Got to have lunch with Daddy today!