Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Computer cord back!

I've been slacking because my charging cord for my laptop bit the dust. I could have used Josh's desktop but it's easier to type with Teagan laying on my chest then having her in one arm or the other. So, Josh ordered me a new one and here we are!

Not much has really happened since her one month post. I turned 26 (my most favorite number!) and in some regards it was the best birthday of my life even though it was one of the most "uneventful" (not saying this in a bad way, I had a great birthday). We just took it easy around here. My sweet husband brought me dinner and a movie and we just snuggled on the couch and enjoyed each other and our little girl. Motherhood has already started changing me. I didn't want to go out for my birthday, I was happiest at home snuggling with the two loves of my life. Nothing else seemed to matter. Honestly, I had forgotten that it was my birthday but remembered it was my mom's birthday...we have the same birthday so that should tell you how little sleep I got last week.
Then on Saturday we went to Lincolnton to visit Josh's parents and then Josh's grandmother. Then at 4 o'clock we had a surprise party for Moma (and a party for me). Aunt Ann, Uncle Buddy, Kellie and Darleen all got to see and hold Teagan for the first time (those pictures are on my Mom's camera). It was great. Teagan was such a good girl the whole time!

On Sunday we got up and went to IHOP for breakfast and then went to WalMart and Lowes. Also, Aunt Jeana and Uncle Seth came to visit! Teagan talked to Miles quite a bit while they were here! ;-)

And on Monday I picked up my mom and headed to Hickory to shop, shop, shop! Then after we dropped my mom off we headed to First Baptist to finish the registration process for daycare (I don't even want to address this right now because I can't without getting upset) and then we went and saw "Auntie Jan" before heading home. So, three full days for Teagan and Mommy but she slept pretty good so I'm not complaining!

We had decided to start a bedtime routine starting with a bath at 9 o'clock and then a feeding and then easing into bedtime by around 10:30-11ish. Well, we learned how the word routine isn't going to show up in Teagan's vocabulary for at least another week or two. She was okay with it for the first few nights and then she started being more awake after the bath instead of it calming her down. So, more then likely bath time will be around 7ish and we'll figure out something else to do for an actual "okay this signals sleepy time" routine.

Teagan has started "talking" a little more everyday. She hasn't had her first "social smile" (I don't think) but in the mornings and a few other times during the day she will talk to me and coo and make happy "ahhh" sounds. It's adorable and I love that time! She has started wanting her binkie a little more when she's awake now and she loves her vibrating/bouncy chair and that is usually where she takes her naps (unless she's on my chest) and that lets me get some things done around the house and cook dinner. She is still kind of ify about being put down while she is awake but she is typically okay in the vibrating/bouncy chair.