Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 months old!

Wow, where has the time gone? Our little girl was 2 months old yesterday. She has changed so much in a month!

*Height- 22 inches (50th percentile) Weight: 11.8lbs (75th percentile)*

*had her 2 month shots and took them like a champ!*

*still in diaper size 1 but I'm sure it won't be for much longer. I think this is because she is growing more up then out...hopefully this will keep up and she'll get her height from her daddy's side of the family!!*

*when she is in a "good mood" she will talk, talk, talk! you can hold an actual conversation with her*

*has started staying awake more in the car*

*she is very alert in the mornings and when Josh and I go in to wake her up and tell her good morning she smiles really big*

*has rolled over a few times from tummy to back*

*loves taking a bath. she has started learning that kicking in the bathtub makes water splash around and she thinks its a hoot. she also loves watching herself in the mirror when she is taking a bath. doesn't cry anymore when coming out of the bathtub and into the towel*

*sits in the bumbo like a champ! would rather be in the bumbo then have tummy time but still has at least 10 minutes of tummy time a day*

*has gotten really good at putting herself to sleep at night. we've started the official routine. we head upstairs at 8:00, Josh changes her diaper and her PJs and then passes her to me to eat. after she eats I swaddle her, rock her about 2-3 minutes and put her in her crib with her binkie and usually within 10-15 minutes she is asleep*

*lays on the bed in her boppy while I get ready for work and sings along with me and the radio! haha*

*finally has an interest in "batting" at things when she is laying on her back on her playtime mat*

*loves having "staring contests" and usually wins*

*goes for her first round of shots on the 25th...*

*loves the Baby Bjorn. she has almost gotten to the point we can turn her facing out*

*loves to shop! is such a good girl every time we go shopping!*

*saw her first "real baby" up close the other day and loved looking at her (Aezley,her cousin)

*is doing really well staying with my mom while I'm at work. I go to feed her at lunch and then around 3:30 she is taking a bottle from Mamaw and sucking it dry! haha*

There is so much I'm sure I'm missing but for the most part those are the most recent developments this month! I will post her 2 month pictures later!!