Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hands that explore.

I've talked about how frustrating breastfeeding has been at times this go 'round.  And sometimes it is but there are moments when I don't want to be anywhere in the world except right there in that rocking chair in Kyra's room feeding her.  I rocked and fed Teagan in that same chair and I hope my girls will be able to do the same with their children. 
Here lately, Kyra has found her hands. She loves to explore with them.  She especially loves to explore with them while she is eating.  We are truly coming in to my favorite few months of breastfeeding.  The moments where time stops and we can enjoy each other.  Just the two of us.  
As Kyra eats her hands gently explore.  Sometimes she grabs ahold of my shirt and hangs on the entire session; demanding my undivided attention.  Sometimes she sweetly rubs my back letting me know she is calm and comfortable.  Sometimes she decides I need to sing and she starts directing my music.  Sometimes she pretends her hands are birds that are flying all over the room just waiting on her to get done so she can play with them. 
Slowly but surely breastfeeding is becoming sweet and calming and full of sweetness for me and my sweet Kyra.  We're taking it day by day.

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