Monday, June 6, 2011

Flashlight needed.

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you are about to have no control over the situation at hand? There are no words you can string together or amout of promises to make that will make a difference? 
Well, I am at that point in my job.  My job is a grant funded position.  Right now, the budget is up for vote.  The end result is still unknown.  How much will be cut. What will be cut. What happens to those of us who are cut.  Does it matter to those voting that my numbers are higher?  Does it matter to those voting the number of success stories that come through my facility (I say my because I'm the only one doing my job currently)?  Does it matter that I get to meet the kids of the parents I educate after they've been reunited with their parents? Apparently not.  The people voting on the budget just see numbers.  They just see the now and not the long term impact of their decisions. 
Right now, I feel like I need a flashlight as I'm walking through this tunnel and all I have is a match that has started to flicker the deeper I go.  Completely unsure of what waits for me on the other end. 
All I can do, all we can do as a family, is keep the faith that God's provision is greater then any dark tunnel we have to walk through.  The Lord will provide and we will be okay.  I do truly believe this but my family and I would appreciate all the prayers you can muster.

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