Friday, January 15, 2010

Mostly for my sake...

I got a "Hugs for New Moms" book from my aunt Ann for Christmas...I read the book cover to cover in about 45 minutes while relaxing in the bathtub a week or so ago...the book is amazing and I'm sure I'll be turning to it on quite a few occassions in the coming up weeks. One particular passage stood out to me. It's a mix of a few verses that have been "personalized" by the authors...

"I'll bless you and multiply your family, keeping my covenant of love with you. Don't let anxiety still your joy; rather, tell ME about your worries and needs and thank ME in advance. As you pray, you'll find that MY imcomparable peace overshadows all of your problems and insecurities. Always be content with what you have, knowing that I'll never leave or abandon you. I'll supply everything you need, according to MY endless richess in glory.

Faithfully providing,

From: Deut 7:12-12; John 16:33; Phil 4:6-7; Hebrews 13:5; Phil 4:19

When I read it the first time I was just reading it as I would read a book and I was slightly overwhelmed (in a good way) at the content of the book. Today, Sprout's due date, I read it and am at peace. When I read "don't let anxiety steal your joy and thank ME in advance" it just jumped out on the page. I need to let my anxiety go about when Sprout will be here. As of today I am refusing to let my anxiety steal my joy. I will continue with the rest of this pregnancy (however long it might be) with joy in my heart, treasuring each and every movement I feel my daughter make. I will not let the anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach steal the joy of my last few days of just the two of us. So, as of today, I am givng my anxiety over to the LORD and thats that.

He's had her in HIS arms since day one and she's safer there then she'll ever be anywhere else.