Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keeping Josh busy so he doesn't drive me crazy... ;-)

Today has been a fairly relaxed day. There have been a few moments last night and today where I thought we might be entering the "laboring phase" but they haven't lasted so I'm looking at it as prepping for the laboring

Josh and I slept in until around 8ish and then I got up and made myself some breakfast (Josh isn't big on breakfast)...This wouldn't typically be a difficult task but my dear husband has to keep himself occupied and so he's decided to start some construction in our kitchen. He's increasing our storage space (thank goodness!!) but until it's finished I've got quite an obstacle course in the kitchen, especially in front of my stove. So, needless to say fixing my omelet this morning was more of a task then normal but I did it! While I was eating breakfast, propping my feet up and watching Harry Potter, Josh was upstairs on the computer. After I finished my breakfast Josh came down and started demolition/construction while I finished Harry Potter and put new purple tabs on my Bible (they look so good because my Bible is purple too!!!) and continued to prop my feet. Finally I finished the tabs and Harry Potter and went over and helped Josh as much as I could (this typically involves handing him the tape measure, etc). Then I decided to clean what I could because the mess was driving me crazy so I pulled out my container of Clorox wipes and went to town in the kitchen, the bathroom, some of the doors...well, you get the point. After that my hippo feet came back but I'm so tired of sitting that I continued to stand in the kitchen and watch my sweet husband work. This has basically been what my day has consisted of but I'm okay with it. I'm enjoying just relaxing and doing what I want to do when I want to do it and not feeling rushed.
So, while Josh and his dad take over operation more kitchen storage I'm going to take a long shower and fix my hair just in case my labor prep turns into the real thing...My hair needs to be at least half way decent when we start!! ;-)