Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yesterday we went to the doctor for one last ultrasound before Sprout gets here just to check on size. Two weeks ago this kid was 7lbs 12oz (give or take)...yesterday she weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 3oz...Honestly, all I could do was laugh (until I got out of the doctors office and called my husband and I had told Josh the night before and my daddy yesterday morning that I really thought there was a 9lb baby in my stomach because rolling over at night just felt different. They both told me there was no way and that I was crazy....well, unfortunately I was actually right! The important thing is that she is still completely healthy and so am I. We shouldn't have any problems. The doctor did say that if she had gotten to 10lbs or they thought she would get to 10lbs by Sunday then they would schedule a c-section (because of the gestational diabetes) but he didn't forsee that and so we can go along with our plan of birthing naturally. He explained what would happen when we got to the hospital on Sunday night and told me I should eat a normal dinner because I was going to need my strength. Since I'm STILL only 1cm dialated it is probably going to take a while but he also said that as soon as they give me something to help "ripen" (I'm not going into detail) that we might go into labor naturally because all Sprout needed was a nudge! So, there are lots of things that can happen this weekend (basically our options range from needing the little nudge and going into labor to Pitocin to a c-section if she can't fit...). All I'm concentrating on is that by Monday evening (hopefully Monday and not Tuesday) Josh and I will be holding our baby girl.
So, as for the hospital, I've packed movies in my bag and I'll have my running shoes (for walking, obviously), a book or two, my Ipod and Josh will have a Nintendo DS and we'll just settle in for the night and see how everything goes. I might use this stuff and I might not but I'd rather be prepared with too much stuff to do then have nothing to do at all...