Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 months!

So this post is a little late but things have been kind of hectic!

Teagan was 3 months on April 23rd.

*still in diaper size 2

*23 1/2 inches long

*12lbs exactly

*sleeps through the night like a champ (from 8pm-5 or 6am)

*loves to roll onto her side from her back but can roll from her tummy to her back. I swear she would be crawling if she would stay on her tummy more (which she is doing now!)

*holds her head up like a champ unless she's sleepy.
*has actually sat up on her own! I have the video and pictures to prove it!

*has started trying to sit up in her carseat.

*still has some fussy time during the evening. I think she just misses us during the day so she doesn't want to be put down in the evenings!

*is just now filling out her 3 month clothes but can't fit into the 3-6 mth stuff yet.

*has started daycare and it drives me crazy but she is doing really well and seems to like interacting with the other babies. They call Teagan the "quiet observer".

*still talking up a storm and loves to be "whooed" to and will "whoo"back.

*is picking up a lot of new sounds at daycare from the other babies (she is one of the younger ones).

*has been in the Baby Bjorn facing out and seems to like it more then facing in unless she is sleepy.

*has been to the Whitewater Center and fell asleep both times!

*is still nursing, thankfully, and I am able to go and feed her at lunch time. Then she has a "snack" in the afternoons.

*has made her first really long car ride to Virginia for her first wedding and did wonderful!

*has started taking Vitamin D drops and seems to be doing well with them.

*had the first "sick scare" but it was only Mommy over reacting!
*has started staying awake longer in the car and likes to look out the window.

There are so many new things happening everyday that we can barely keep up with them! She learns and does something new everyday! She amazes Josh and I on a daily basis. The other day when Josh and I were sick we just watched her laughing and learning and we instantly felt better. She is the most amazing thing in our lives and life just gets better everyday.