Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dinner with the Heavners!

We were able to go out a week or so ago with Teagan's Aunt Jeana, Uncle Seth and her boyfriend Miles (they are not blood related so it's okay that Miles and Teagan get married. They are just two of our closest and dearest friends). We got lucky this time and both of the babies were awake so we could have them officially meet each other and have their picture taken. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and in the restaurant there are TVs ALL over the place. Luckily they were on sports channels because Teagan isn't allowed to watch TV. So, needless to say she thought she was getting a treat when everywhere she looked there was a TV! At one point though we had to turn her because a scary movie came on so we just turned her to look at another game. She got so frustrated with the game that she pulled her headband over her eyes (see the picture below)!! They were both so great during dinner! We cannot wait to go to the beach with them in June! We are all very excited! Miles and Teagan are already dreaming about the beach vacation and planning to "chase" after Addie Bear (for those of you who don't know Addie Bear she is Jeana and Seth's "dog" but basically Miles' older sister).

Here are a few pictures of dinner with the Heavners!