Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday sweet ONE!

Kyra Mae is 1! 
Well, she was one two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago? 
We had our, or her, one year appointment the Monday after, and mercy, she is her father's child!

Weight: 21.4lb
Height: 30inches (90th percentile)
Diapers: size 4 right now, however, due to her height we might be changing this soon because the are beginning to look uncomfortable. 
Kyra has been walking since around 10 and a half months.  She is in to everything.  She wants to be where Teagan is, even when she is using the potty.  I am hopeful this will come in handy come potty training time...
As far as food goes Kyra Mae started rejecting baby food early on.  She started table food around 10 months and we would supplement with baby food.  Now, she is full blown food-food but we still supplement with pouches because she (and Teagan) love them.  
Kyra has a 9 month waist with 18 month legs.  So, she is in some 12 month clothes but she is getting more into 18 month clothes. 
Kyra is working on her top four teeth, she has had the bottom two since her 9 month mark.  These top four teeth are awful though!  They have been rough for her.  She also contracted an ear infection due to the congestion they caused.  
Kyra right now is still taking some milk at night.  This has made me anxious because we had Teagan completely weaned by a year old at night.  However, Kyra began teething when we would have started  weaning her and we did not want to strip her of that comfort, so, it will happen when it happens.  
Kyra has started talking and started signing.  She understands what we tell her and can obey commands  (throw your diaper away, get that book, do you want your milk, etc.).  She is not very verbal but can say three to four words.  Again, I feel like her language skills- she understands but she chooses to not speak as much and she chooses to observe.  Her and Kyra's relationship mirrors mine and Josh's.  I am the social half and he is the wise and quiet observer.  

We are so blessed to have Kyra Mae.  She is truly a completely different child than Teagan and while difficult at first but I am so thankful.  I have learned so many lessons from Kyra Mae, there is a blog post to encompass this coming soon, actually.  I cannot, we cannot, wait to see what happens with this next year!

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