Friday, November 23, 2012

Dearest Teagan.

Dearest Teagan,
You are growing into such a little lady.  I tell people I don't have an almost three year old; I have an almost five year old because most of the time that is how you act.
I am so proud of the little lady you are turning into.   You have to be accessorized almost always, with either my "high heels" or your sparkly shoes or jewelry of some sort.  You've learned that it is not proper for little boys to watch little girls use the potty.  You have learned to sneeze into your elbow because we don't want to spread the germs.  You have learned we must wear leggings under dresses that have gotten too short because we are ladies and "ladies do NOT show their panties, except to Mamaw and Mommy and Dad".
You are quite a smart little bear as well.  You are always coming home knowing something new.  You are basically a sponge and absorb everything you can.  Right now you're working really hard on your letters.  You can recognize over half of the letters of the alphabet and can name a word (mostly people) those letters begin with.  You can spell Teagan and Kyra.  You love to put puzzles together and are rarely found without a book or a baby in your hand.  You can count to fifteen in Spanish and twenty in English.  You know "head" and "mouth" in Spanish also.  Honestly, I taught you those because I find them fun to say.
You have become quite the "mommy".  To your babies and often times you try to be the mommy to Kyra Mae.  The being mommy to Kyra Mae has its advantages and disadvantages.  You are still working on reading people's body language and so you don't always realize Kyra is saying no until she cries and starts pushing you away.  Then your feelings get hurt, my tender hearted girl.  You walk around with your baby on your hip or cradle them in one arm "like Mommy do".  I often times look to see how you are playing with your babies because I know you will act like you have seen.  Thankfully, I haven't witnessed anything that has made me feel like a hill of dirt.  Mostly I see you being loving but occasionally I hear a "no ma'am" or a "do you need a time out" and I have to stifle a giggle.
You love all things Disney princess and Minnie Mouse.  Honestly I cringed at this and fought it tooth and nail in the beginning.  We were not going to raise you to be a spoiled "princess".  Then I realized it was not the princess trend that grows a spoiled princess, it is how the princesses are presented.  We do not present the princess idea as one of entitlement.  We present it as Belle loves to read like you do or Cinderella is kind like you try to be with your friends and Kyra or Ariel loves adventures and wants to travel to new places like we plan to do when you and Kyra Mae get older.  Also, I watched this video on youtube and as I cried I said "this.  this is what I want princess to mean to Teagan and Kyra".
You love hard and you play hard.  You get your feelings hurt really easily but you know what you want and you want things a certain way.  You wear your emotions on your sleeves like I do but you are methodical like your daddy.  You love for me to pray for you.  When I put you to bed at night and we are "rocking" often you ask "Mommy pray for me" or "talk to Jesus for me, Mommy" and my heart melts.  Little do you know that I pray for you and Kyra Mae often but I will never turn down an opportunity to pray a little more.  You like to pray too.  You love to pray for the firetrucks and the ambulance and the police cars when they zoom by us or you hear them at night.  You also pray for the missionaries, Tim and Kristin Milner in Califorina.  We don't know them but we picked up a postcard with their information on it and you have prayed for them every night since.
Sometimes you and I butt heads because we are so alike and I am sure this is going to get worse as you get older but know that I will always love you.  No matter what.  You will always be my first baby.  You will always be my Little Bear.  You will always have a part of my heart. No matter how quickly you grow or how far you travel, I will be here.  Arms wide open.  Praying for you every step of the way.

Forever and Always,
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