Monday, November 12, 2012

Lessons learned from little ones.

Having two children has enlightened me more than any other thing ever has.  Having two girls has exacerbated that enlightenment.  Having one girl who is more like me and one girl who is more like Josh has tripled that enlightenment.
When Kyra was born I thought I had it figured out.  This was going to be easy, without complication.  I was wrong.   I was prideful and puffed out like a peacock.  I knew what I was doing.  I had this second baby girl in the bag!  The Lord truly shows us where our shortcomings are but he does so with mercy.  Thankfully!  
Kyra is different from Teagan.  Kyra does not like to be held.  Teagan loves to be held and snuggled.  Kyra wanted nothing to do with "Mommy milk".  Teagan loved it and nursed a year.  Kyra HATES having her diaper changed.  Teagan could have cared less, as long as she has something to play with or I was singing to her.  Kyra crawled and then quickly walked.  Teagan took her time and waited until she was one to walk.  Kyra wanted table food long before she was allowed to eat it.  Teagan would still eat some baby food if I would let her.
These differences have taught me a lot.  It took me quite a while to give in to how different the girls are.  I still do not have it down pat.  Occasionally I need a reality check from Kyra that "hey, look Mommy, I am Kyra.  I am not Teagan."  As frustrating as those times can be, they are learning experiences and I am trying to appreciate them instead of fight them.  Kyra and I are still learning each other.  Teagan and  I are battling over boundaries; battling over boundaries is something that is probably going to happen the rest of her life.
I am thankful for the differences my girls have but I am also thankful for the similarities as well.  They were both pretty chill babies, it really does not take much to please them.  They are both very kind.  Teagan is always thinking of others: Kyra, Mommy or Daddy, etc.  Kyra has already started showing that same sort of kindness.  They love to laugh and sing and dance.  They have started talking to each other across the hall in the mornings.  They have such a bond already and it is amazing to see it grown stronger every day.  Josh and I are truly blessed.   Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!