Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Love

Good morning my Baby Love!
You are 5 weeks old today! There are only 245 days left until I get to meet you! Your daddy and I are super excited! Your dad is a bit nervous and still kind of in shock but he already loves you too.
I went walking with you yesterday. I'm already patting and rubbing my tummy because I know you're in there. I can't stop touching my belly because I know you are in there and it amazes me beyond belief. We are keeping it a secret until you are 3 months old. That way we know you are 100% okay!
You have probably felt Mommy crying but that is normal so I hope you aren't scared. I am so excited you are here!! I've been waiting for you practically my whole life!
Well, Mommy has to get some work done now! Just know I love you Baby love!