Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sometimes, you need to eat out of a box.  Sometimes life gets crazy.  Sometimes I'm tired and really want to just throw something together in 15 minutes.  Sometimes I do use stuff out of a box! Gasp!
We tried something new the other night.  Even with box stuff I always try to to put my own spin on it and occasionally throw in something good for the kiddos, the hubs, and myself.

We aren't big fans of Hamburger Helper but I like the idea of it.  Noodles, sauce, meat?  Sign us up at the Reid house.  When I spied the Velveeta version of cheeseburger mac & cheese, I decided to try it.

I followed the directions, that were basically as easy boiling water, but then added my own twist.  I added onion to the hamburger meat as well as a little Italian dressing.  I also added taco seasoning at the end to give it a little more flavor. (Pssst, I also hide flax seed in this and nobody knows, just FYI)  This adjusted box dinner was a hit!  Toddler approved.

*All these opinions are mine, this review was provided on my own accord, and I was not compensated by the company*

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