Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where we've been

This has been what the last two days have looked like for us. Kyra has had a fever since sometime very early on Monday morning. We still aren't sure what it is.  She's getting two teeth and has a cold but really?  She's slept more the last few days then she did as a new baby. A doctor visit might be on the docket if this doesn't pass soon.

We went to the doctor.  When we got there her temperature was 103 even after Motrin.  They tested her for flu but thankfully it was just an ear infection, two canine teeth, and a TWO YEAR MOLAR.  Two year molars? Sweet baby isn't even 18 months yet!  Anyway, we could tell a difference in her mere hours after her first dose of medication.  Here's hoping that it clears up quickly and that it clears up all the way.