Saturday, March 16, 2013

Operation defrump.

Here's some of my favorite defrump outfits as of late....

Boots- Walmart a few years ago
Leggings- these are actually my winter running leggings but with grad school these have been more fashion than function (they are Nike).
Sweater- Yellow Target brand (thrifted)
Headband-Made by Me! 

This was a self-care day.  I went to yoga, had coffee, and worked on my thesis.
Flippers- Rainbows
Windsuit pants-Reebok
Sweater- Target Brand

I got to run this day!
Sneaks- Aasics
Leggings- Reebok
Fleece- Target (this baby was $4.50!)
Infinity scarf- made by my dear friend Jeanmarie!

This is a favorite.  I thought I looked really cute this day! I had on my scarf and my brooch from Miskabelle!
Shoes-I THINK these are from JcPenny like 5 years ago but don't hold me to that!
Jeans- New York and Company
Shirt- Target
Cardigan- Target brand (thrifted) 

Shoes-same as above
Jeans- straight leg, New York and Company (these are my favorite jeans in the world)
Tank- Target brand (I got this as a bridal shower present almost 6 years ago. I have almost worn it out)
Shirt- Sonoma brand (thrifted)
Scarf- thrifted
Chevron rings- Target

I was feeling a wee bit sassy this day.
Boots- WalMart
Leggings- Nike
Tank- Target
Jean button up- thrifted
Scarf- my friend Jeanmarie

Spring got ahold of me the other day and just wouldn't let me go!
Shoes- JcPenny (4 years ago?)
Skirt- Target brand
Sweater- Target brand (thrifted)---not really sure if it's mens or women's though

If this outfit looks familiar, it is.  It's the same day as above but Josh and I got a chance to go out for date night and I just changed a few things up.
Shoes-Target (recent!!)
Bag- Target (recent!!)

Have you noticed that I am loving this sweater a whole lot? It's so versatile.  Honestly, a few years ago I wouldn't have dared to wear it so many different ways.  I love growing up and growing into my own skin!
Shoes- Target
Jeans- New York and Company
Sweater- Target (thrifted)
Hat- Walmart ($3.50!! Hello, Clearance!)

Do you have any pieces that you can wear with just about anything?  I'd love to hear about them!  Have a happy weekend, All!

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