Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dearest girls.

Dearest girls,
My sweet, sweet girls.  My how you're growing.  Just look at these beautiful girls staring back at you in these pictures.  I wonder what you will see when you read the pages of this blog.  This blog that I hope can give you insight into how I view and how I've viewed Mommyhood.  You know what I see in looking back at me in these pictures?  I see beauty.  A beauty that I hope you will see.  I hope you will see it your whole lives.  I see innocence.  I see determination.  I see kindness.  I see curiosity.  I see sweetness.  I see independence.  I see the need for direction but I see a free spirit in your eyes.  I see faces that crave love.  I see faces that light up when you realize Mommy is there to pick you up or when the garage opens and you know your daddy is home.  I see faces that have hope.  A hope that I wish will drive you to do kind things for people because you want to see a change in the world.
My sweet girls, I hope when you look at these pictures that you will see the same things I do.  I hope that you will continue to look at me with those sweet baby blues.  Knowing that I will forever love you. No matter what.  I will love you when those sweet faces have tears.  I will love you when those sweet faces turn to scowls.  I will love you forever.  Unconditionally.  No matter what form those sweet faces take.

Forever & Always,

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