Thursday, March 21, 2013

A day in the life.

When I started graduate school it became more economical for Josh to take the girls to daycare in the mornings.  His car gets like a thousand miles per tank vs. mine that does not.  My sweet husband works 45 minutes in one direction of our house and the girls go to daycare 30 minutes from our house (yes, there is a story there, later).  Our mornings start very early and we are normally up before the sun decides to even peek out from behind his cloud covers.

This is what a typical days looks like for us.

5:45am- I get one of the girls up while Josh gets ready and let the other sleep in.  I try to rotate who gets up first but I normally get Kyra up because I can dress her while she is still sleeping.  Then I get Teagan up, which is hit and miss.  She can wake up in the best mood ever or it can be like waking a sleeping bear.

6:00am- I load the girls in the car while Josh is getting his stuff together for work.
6:08am- They are pulling out, on a good day!

6:15am- Breakfast for me and quiet time.  Currently that consists of my She Reads Truth, Songs of Ascent.  I cherish that time in the morning.  I can tell a difference in my demeanor if I decide to sleep in instead of having my time in the Word.

7:00am- Shower and get ready for my internship
8:00am- leave for the hospital (I have to leave a little earlier if I want my Starbucks fix though)

4:30pm- pick up my sweet girls from daycare

5:45pm-start dinner, when it's pretty outside Josh will take the girls out while I fix dinner.  I'm okay with that, he doesn't get a lot of one on one time with his sweet babes.

6:45-7pm- bath, get ready for bed, brush teeth time

7:15-7:30- bedtime for the sweet girls.  Josh and I each put down one of the girls and the next night we switch.  We love having that alone time with our girls.

8:00-9:00 or 10:00pm- The girls are usually asleep by now, unless Kyra decides to put on a concert for her gorilla (Georgio) and her sock monkey. I usually work on school work or blog stuff.  Josh is looking up some random something on canoes and kayaks (which we are getting soon!!).  We also do turn on the TV at this time.  Josh and I usually get an hour or so of TV time at night but we multi-task while doing it.
10:00pm- our bed time, honestly, sometimes we are in bed by 9:30 because we are both dragging from getting up and going non-stop during our days.

This schedule has been hard on everybody but we are praying it will be worth it.  I have been so grateful that most mornings are not that bad and that it hasn't effected the girls behaviors too much.  Early mornings are hard enough for Josh and I, I can't imagine what it does to them.  Not too much longer though, not too much longer...

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