Thursday, March 7, 2013

Influence, what?!

I have recently joined the Influence Network.  By recent, I mean two days ago.  They did a link up yesterday that I did not have time to participate in but decided to jump on the bandwagon a little later anyway.

They posed three questions so that the network members could get to know each other a little better.  Those questions were:

3 things about yourself: 

1- I love shoes.  I would have a room full of shoes if I could.  I love shoes of every style, color, and creed.  I love $5 shoes and I drool over $1,000 shoes.  I don't discriminate against shoes.  You should see my's pretty bad.  A whole board committed to just shoes.

2- I love to sing.  I love music.  I am constantly singing.  Whether it be making up silly songs or Bible verse songs for the girls or just lifting my voice in worship of my sweet Jesus, I love it.  I often question myself as to whether or not I am good enough, but nobody has ever asked me to stop singing or ran away, so I guess I'm not half bad. 

3- I have a planner obsession.  It's pretty bad, y'all.  I will walk the aisle at Target or WalMart and look at the planners even if I have one thinking how FUN (really? Haha) that it would be to sit down and rewrite in pretty pens everything in a new planner.  I was recently gifted an Erin Condren planner and I couldn't stop gazing at precious. So bad.

1 thing you've gained from the network: 

As I said in the intro, I've only been a member of the Influence Network for literally days.  That being said, I am super excited.  I have read through some of the forums, I've signed up for a class (yay!), and I see what some of the other members are gaining from becoming part of this online Jesus lovin' community.  I absolutely cannot wait to dive in headfirst! 

A picture of yourself that you love:

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