Friday, May 21, 2010

Whitewater Date!

We went to the Whitewater Center with the Heavners last night! It was great! Teagan and Miles were wonderful as usual. Teagan did great in her stroller but we got her out and I walked around with her while Josh strolled with the empty stroller. They had the "rapids" going really fast last night and she loved looking at the water and the people maneuvering the course. They had a live band and the babies loved the music and the water!
Then we went and ate at the restaurant there and it was pretty good. I am really glad that there is a law against smoking inside the restaurants in NC because it would have been awful! The only problem was it was so loud inside because of all the people that had showed up for the band. We all had a good time though! We got to catch up (not like we don't see each other at least once a week! lol) and discuss what we're all going to pack and bring to the beach!! We can't wait for the beach with them! It will be our first official family vacation with the babies! I think we all could use a break!

Teagan and Miles before our walk around the center!

Teagan relaxing in her stroller with her two buddies, Butterfly and Puppy!

Teagan checking out the water!