Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pinky toes.

When is the last time you thought about your pinky toe? Other than to complain there isn't enough toenail to paint or the last time all your foot except your pinky toe got through the threshold of the door? If you're anything like me, other than those instances my pinky toe doesn't even cross my mind. Thing is, the pinky toe is a pretty important part of the body.  The pinky toe helps the body to balance. The pinky toe also functions autonomously from the other toes but is a necessary part. 
Our Pastor spoke this morning on Ephesians 4 and the parts of the body of Christ's church. This is one of those passages I've read and heard pastors speak on a lot. Every time I've heard it I have had myself as the main character. My take away from the passage has been more about what gift have I been given. I've not always thought about it in terms of service of the body.  
This morning, I heard it a new way: How I seek Jesus and how I use the gifts God has given me directly effects my sisters and brothers in Christ. If I am not utilizing those gifts given to me, if I am not spending time with the Lord, if I am not seeking Him then it directly effects the body. However, the body is NOT dependent on me. I, like that pinky toe, function autonomously from the body and the body can function without me but it works better if I'm doing my job.  Honestly, I never thought about how those days where I am "too busy" to dig into the Word effects how I relate to the church family.
This passage also triggered a response of thanks in me and the drive to do more thanking. I know there have been times in my life where I was serving in the behind the scenes jobs and often felt forgotten or unimportant. And while serving is never supposed to be about affirmation of self, it is nice to hear a sincere thank you every now and then. Satan also used those times of feeling forgotten to dig in to my head and heart that I am not needed. My emotions have always been a tunnel to the feelings of despair for me and satan has used that tunnel several times over the years.  That being said, when is the last time you told your kid's Sunday School teacher thank you? What about those sweet people who take care of the coffee in the morning? Also, do you know how time consuming it can be to set up the AV system and make sure the power points go smoothly with the songs as well as the pastors sermons? We also have people who restock the peppermints in the bowls and people who make sure there is toilet paper in the bathrooms. Our worship team works hard to maintain their craft and the decorating and the esthetics don't just happen. So, I'm challenging myself and you to thank somebody within your church sincerely and specifically in the next week or so. Whose in?