Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warm rains in NC.

Rainy storm-less days are few and far between when you live in North Carolina. Most of the time the rain is accompanied with thunder and lightning. When we get the treat of having just a warm summer rain we try to make sure we take advantage of it. 

Teagan is our little dancer; she loves everything about dance and movement of her body. However, you have to catch her on a day where her shyness has momentarily left the building or when she doesn't know you're watching her.  I love to catch her when she thinks nobody is watching because there is something so innocent and precious about the rawness and the vulnerability and the freedom. 

Kyra Mae is our fearless snuggler. She continues to test her independence as long as Josh or I are in her direct line of sight. She is also trying to figure out who she is apart from Teagan while wanting to be like Teagan. It's so funny how early it happens. It's in subtle ways but it's happening and it has been interesting to watch how she maneuvers through her latest challenge.