Friday, February 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution #3

Right now how many tabs or windows do you have open on your computer screen? Be honest.  I have 6 open.  One of those being Twitter, my e-mail and my facebook and basically those are multi-tabs within tabs.  I also have music on in the background and my cell phone right beside me.  I have typed and deleted one sentence 3 times already because I got distracted by a song and then received a text.  How often does this happen to you during the day? It happens to me quite often.  I try to do six things at one time and none of them get completed to the best of my ability.   If I had just done one thing at a time those things would have gotten done more efficiently and probably more quickly.   Here lies my resolution.  Do. One. Thing. At. A. Time. (I know it's February and I'm still making them but I'm making them to keep, folks, so don't judge)

I spend so much time during the day focusing on too much at one time.

If I'm driving I plan on just driving. Not talking on the cell phone and not reading a text.  Although singing and chatting with Teagan do not count as a distraction here.  If I'm playing with Teagan then I'm playing with Teagan. The cell phone will not be within arms reach because face it; I'm not going to be the one they call when the world starts falling a part.  When I am watching TV then I will watch TV without checking my e-mail or reading a magazine at the same time.  When I am trying to spend time with Josh then that is what I will be doing although this can include doing various things (don't go dirty thinking on me folks, I mean like watching TV or doing the laundry or even reading beside each other).  When I am reading a book I will not be watching TV or listening to music because then I won't remember what I just read. My mind just doesn't work that way and it's taken this long to really accept that.  I cannot effectively multi-task when it comes to things I need to really enjoy or think about. 
I challenge you to adapt this resolution to your life.  The more distractions we have the less we are really able to enjoy those things around us.  We've become so needy for instant gratification and to always be "in the know" that we're missing out on those thing around us.  The first year of Teagan's life went by too quickly and with too many distractions.  Her second year will go by equally as fast but with far less distractions.

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