Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have you ever had one of those moments where you lose your breath, your head spins and you feel like you need to throw up but you have to be "on" so you can't? Yeah, that was me about an hour ago. 
A little background: I'm at a training for work. I am over 2 hours away from home.  Teagan had a low grade fever yesterday and I had to get her early from daycare.  I already feel guilty and awful for leaving her.  Which brings us to now.
We had speakers from 12ish to 5:30 today and we have a 9pm reservation for dinner so I had time to get in a workout before dinner.  I get a call from Josh while I'm mid-run and he very calmly asks what I'm doing, I tell him & then ask him what was wrong (you have to know Josh to know he doesn't call unless there is something wrong).  He told me Teagan had a temperature of 105.  Yes, you read that correctly 105.  I almost fell off the treadmill grabbing my stuff and very loudly making sure I heard him correctly.  I told him I was going to call the doctor to see if an appointment, urgent care or the emergency room needed to happen and then I'd call him back.  I race from the gym to the room while trying to get the doctor's office on the phone.  While I was pacing the room, I was packing my bag and waiting to talk to somebody instead of the nice "we appreciate your call" recording.  Finally I got somebody and talked to them and they said to bring her in.  Just as I hung up with them Josh was calling.  Somewhere some wires got crossed and Teagan's temperature was 100 POINT 5. Yes, 100.5.  I lost it.  I started sobbing.  I haven't cried that much in a very long time. 
I'm just so thankful that she is okay and that it was all a mistake.  I'm still recovering but she made me feel better by talking to me and pressing buttons on the phone.  I really miss both of my loves but hearing that she was okay made me unpack my bags and settle in for the next three days.