Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dearest Teagan

Dearest Teagan,

Wow, kiddo! You are just taking off!  Since Saturday your 3 usual words have seemed to disappear after the verbal floodgates came crashing down!  You are talking nonstop now and your daddy and I love it! Your BFF Matilda was saying "that" (dat) yesterday and you came home saying it.  You two are hilarious! I hope you will continue to be friends for a long time!
You are walking all over the place and actually prefer it to crawling now.  You try to run but sometimes your head tries to get there before your legs and you topple over!  You've also started climbing.  Basically anything you can get a leg up on is fair game.  The dishwasher is a favorite of yours, the stool that (was) in your room, a chair, your rocking cow.  It's pretty funny to watch but I'm getting anxious for that first official tumble. 
You know a lot of your body parts now.  Your "belly, belly", your feet, ears & eyes.  We are still working on your nose.  You know what I'm asking for when I ask for specific items like shoes (and you can almost put them on by yourself, velcro and all!), socks, diaper, coat, gorilla, baby, ball, book, etc.  You know the other kids in your class and point to them when I ask you where they are. 
You are about 23-24 lbs now and still just under 30 inches long.  Just about ready for that new carseat but luckily you are still rear facing and will be until it's not comfortable for you.  What can I say? Mommy is a bit of a worry wart!
My sweet girl, you are such an amazing part of our lives.  We are thankful for you every single day.  The Lord truly blessed us when he allowed us to be vessels for his miracle that is you. 

Love Always & Forever,