Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Sounds

Teagan's songs when she first wake up in the morning. She could most definitely trump any early morning song bird.
Our stifled giggles from the bedroom at our sweet girls song.
Her frustrated whines after a few minutes of us enjoying her song and not coming in to get her.
Her delighted squeals when one of us comes in to get her or her especially excited screams when both of us come in.
Her laughter as we race back to our room and snuggle up in bed.
That laughter is followed by more giggles when we start tickling her.
Eventually the frustrated "I'm over this and hungry" cries begin (which may or may not have be partially caused by her daddy taking her binky without asking).
After the frustrated grunts and happy squeals of the morning diaper change and the brushing of our teeth the quick footsteps down the stairs fill the house.
A few air plane twirl noises and clicks of the tray on the high chair mean breakfast will soon come.  The guzzle of milk, the crackle of bacon and the pop of the toast make for excited kicks to the high chair.
After breakfast the "all done" hands and babble come followed by the extremely excited "dadadadada" in seeing Daddy come back down the stairs to play.
Now, I'm listening to my own bacon crunch and the sweet sounds of Teagan & Daddy playing in the living room.
I hope your Saturday sounded as sweet as ours did this morning.  Happy Saturday!

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